01 Sep 2002: WM-918 weather station installed on the roof. It measures temperature, humidity, wind speed and rainfall. It is located on the inside rim of the extinct Lyttelton volcano, so the wind direction is heavily influenced by the location.

26 Sep 2004: WM-918 weather station data sent to Weather Underground. The data has been sent (with some interruptions) ever since.

16 Aug 2012: The WM-918 weather station has finally expired, so no more weather readings from it. The webcam should continue to produce pictures. It functioned for nearly 10 years, surviving 3 major earthquakes, though these may have shortened its life. The weather station hardware is now obsolete, and beyond repair. I will be commissioning a replacement in due course. It is my intention that it should produce data at this web site.

19 Aug 2012: New weather station purchased. It is a La Crosse 2355. I have to get on the roof to install the rain bucket, anemometer, windvane and thermometer. I then have to make the software work to generate a suitable web page. Watch this space.

22 Aug 2012: Weather station installed after waiting for the rain to stop. Now working on the software. Data is being sent in an interim fashion to Weather Underground, which provides graphs and the somewhat patchy historic data that exists.

27 Aug 2012: This is the new template for the weather station web page. As the previous web page is useless, this is better than nothing. The 'noon' picture does not yet get updated, but the current view does. There is no weather data in the table yet, but the data can be viewed at Weather Underground.

02 Sep 2012: Software reasonably well advanced, though web site updating is not yet regular or automatic because the program is still under construction. The Weather Underground data is reasonably reliable.

06-Sep-2012: The web page and Weather Underground are now being updated by the program. There are some minor issues which means that the service is still liable to interruption.

07-Sep-2012: Weather station now functioning automatically, which means that the data are updated every 10 minutes. The left-hand picture is a copy of the snapshot taken just before 12:00 noon, the right-hand one is the most recent. Photos are taken about once a minute and immediately appear on this website. The photo on Weather Underground is updated every 10 minutes together with the weather data.

29-Jan-2013: Webcam off air, probably because of overheating of its power supply when outdoor temp exceeded 32, and in-loft temp considerably more.

11-Feb-2013: Wrong. Webcam was broken. Now replaced.

25-Sep-2013: Earthquake Commission work completed. Server, webcam and website restored.

14-Jul-2015: In early June, access to the website from outside NZ failed. This was reported on 26 June, but there is no fix yet.

15-Jul-2015: Website re-cast using Skeleton, to make it 'responsive', i.e. respond to different browsers and devices appropriately.

08-Dec-2018: Weather station has soft failure and is on the way out. The image still gets updated regularly, but the weather station is unlikely to recover.

19-Dec-2018: a few small changes to the serial comms seems to have give it a new lease of life. We'll see.

31-Dec-2018: The problem was water getting into the connector in the garage. Fixed now.